Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Costco Business Center, Commerce

A new Costco warehouse store opened about a year ago in Commerce. It's a Costco Business Center and gas station.

The Business Center store carries many of the same products as a typical Costco but the packaging of items is geared towards retail sales. For example, diapers are sold in packs of 14, the type you might find in a 7-11 or AM/PM. There are also a wide variety of restaurant supplies and there is a huge walk in refrigerator with complementary bright orange loaner jackets, one size fits all.

There are a few fabulous points about this new Costco location.
1. The gas station is open from 6am - 8pm. The gasoline is typically the same price or cheaper than Arco. Unfortunately I found that it left deposits in my gas tank that made the "check engine" light come on in my car. It might work well for you though, it won't hurt your car to try one tank.
2. The food court is outside with ample adjacent parking, so close I felt comfortable leaving my kids in the car on a rainy night when I found a prime parking spot right in front of the order line.
3. Every time I visit, the store is never crowded.
4. This store hosts an annual Expo.

The Expo boasts special pricing on hundreds of items including my favorites, Kirkland/Hansen juice boxes and Huggies wipes. There are free samples at the end of every other aisle, with some companies giving out full size samples. This year the Expo is Thursday April 8 and Friday April 9, store hours are 8am - 6pm. For more information visit


While you're on the other side of the tracks please stop by two of my favorite south side stores. The Orowheat Bakery Outlet, (480 S. Vail Ave, Montebello) for breads and pastries, and Broguire's Dairy (505 S. Maple Ave, Montebello) for some glass bottled chocolate milk. There's just something about the glass bottle that makes it a special treat!

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