Saturday, April 17, 2010

I don't leave home without it: The Coupon Wallet

All couponers need a system of organization for their coupon collection. Some chose envelopes, binders, small card filing boxes, and some use coupon wallets. The best coupon wallet I've found is at

It is by far the best storage system yet. It's extremely roomy, includes a calculator, scissors, printed dividers, and a pad of pre-printed grocery lists. There are sections for supermarket savings cards, extra large coupons, and any other extras. I ordered a deluxe wallet in pink and black stripes, the fabric is canvas, much like that on outdoor furniture.

My favorite feature of this wallet is that it is large. It measures 8.5" x 4", my wallet when full is about 2 inches wide. The bright colors and size make it pretty hard to lose it in a pile of mail on a counter top.

The deluxe model is $20, the basic model without all the extra storage compartments are $14. The money you save from being organized and knowing where your coupon wallet is at all times is worth the cost of "The Coupon Wallet".

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  1. Omg I don't leave home without my box - I picked up this really cute Asian-look inspired box with 2 clasps at the Good Will ( you never know what you'll find there) for 2 bucks. I needed something durable and larger than a wallet because I usually leave it in my van and I cut most coupons out. ( I swap )