Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amusement Park / Zoo Annual Passes & Membership

With summer coming up I decided to compare the cost of annual membership to various attractions in the Southern California area. Many of the larger parks have multiple pass options. I chose to compare the pass types that I would be interested in purchasing for my family.

All prices include admission for two adults and three children.

Aquarium of the Pacific- Family Membership valid for 12 months, for two adults, and all children of the household. Enroll online and get two free guest tickets. Parking is $8 per visit. Tax deductible. Total cost $115, parking not included.

Los Angeles Zoo- Family Deluxe Membership valid for 12 months, for three adults, and all children of the household. Includes six extra admission tickets to share, three safari passes, a stroller pass, two train passes, and up to three adult names can be listed on the card. Tax deductible. Total cost $149, free parking.

Sea World- Fun Card is valid through 12-31-13, 7 blackout dates, adults $78, children $70. Parking is $12 per visit. Option to upgrade one pass to 1 year membership for $145 to include free parking. Total cost with parking $433, without parking $366.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park- Membership is only available for zip codes 91900-92899 only.  Parking is free at the Zoo, $10 at the Safari Park. Residents in the Montebello area would have to donate to be a member of the Curator's Club, $275, which allows a member and a guest admission, gives 4 free guest passes, and free parking. A family of five in Montebello would have to have two memberships in the Curator's Club and use the 8 free guest passes for the fifth family member. Total cost $550.

Knott's Berry Farm- 2013 Regular Season Pass valid through 12-31-13, no blackout dates is $72 per person. 2013 Gold Season Pass which includes admission to Soak City is $96 for adults, and $90 for children. Parking is $15 per visit. Option to upgrade one child ticket to Platinum Level, $105, to include free parking. Total cost for Regular Passes $360 ($393 with parking), Gold Passes $462 ($477 with parking).

Six Flags Magic Mountain- Season Pass valid through 12-31-13. No blackout dates. $65 per person. Combo Season Pass includes admission to Hurricane Harbor $100 per person. Purchase four or more passes online and get free parking on one pass. Each pass includes five opportunities to bring a friend to the park for free. Total cost Regular Passes $325, Combo Passes $500.

Universal Studios Hollywood- Buy-A-Day, Get 2013 Free, 24 blackout days, $80. Upgrade one pass to Premium Star to include free parking, $149. Parking is $15 before 3pm or $10 after. Total cost $400, with parking, $469.

LEGOLAND- Standard Membership valid for 12 months, adults $129, children $99. Merlin Annual Passes to include admission to LEGOLAND Water Park, free parking, and 1 free ticket to share per pass, $179 adult, $149 children. Buy 3 Merlin Passes online and get a Merlin Child Pass for free.  Total Cost Standard w/ one Merlin for parking $605, Merlin Passes $656.

Disneyland Resort: Disneyland & California Adventure- Southern California Annual Passport valid for 12 months, 150 blackout dates. $329 per person, $458 to include parking. Total $1645, with parking $1774.

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  1. yeah, we go through the same cost analysis debating whether to get membership.