Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trash: Athen's Disposal

When the new contract with Athen's Disposal went into effect last summer we citizens were told we would get the same services, new free trash cans, and free bulky item pick up anytime. I was happy with the new service until I called Athen's to arrange a bulky item pick up.

I told them I had two large cardboard boxes filled with wrapping paper, and other trash from presents from Christmas. The representative told me that what I had was not considered a bulky item but rather plain trash. I could request a special pick up for a $20 fee or I could request an additional trash can for $2.50 a month. I told her of the city's promise to us that we'd get the same services and in the past on special bulky item pick up days it didn't matter what was picked up and the same should apply to scheduled pick ups. The representative didn't budge on her statements.

I called the city for help. A city clerk took down my information, called Athens on my behalf, and I had a free scheduled bulky item pick up within minutes. If all else fails, call the city for help when dealing with Athen's Disposal.

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