Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grocery Shopping: My Rock Bottom Stock-up Food Prices

It frustrates me when I buy something and think it's a great deal and the next day find out I could have gotten it cheaper someplace else. Below is a list of grocery prices that I rely on to tell if I'm getting a deal. Some are rock bottom prices that I only see a few times a year, like peanut butter, and some are generally what I pay for on a regular basis such as milk, butter, and produce.

If you can buy any of these items for the price listed or less it's a pretty good deal, you may want to stock up!

Go-Gurt Yogurt Tubes $1/box of 8
Yoplait Yogurt 7 cents an ounce
Butter $2.00/lb
Eggo Waffles $1.50/box
Toaster Strudels $1.50/box
Ice Cream $2.50/half-gallon container
Eggs $1/dozen
Milk $2-$2.50/gallon (Costco/CVS)

Large Can of Soup 50 cents
Canned Vegetables $.39/can
Peanut Butter $1/18 oz. jar
Kid's Cereal $1/box
Adult Cereal $2/box
Pasta $1/lb
Pasta Sauce $.88/can or $1/jar
Sugar 50 cents/lb
Brown/Powdered Sugar $1/lb
Flour $.50/lb
PopTarts $1.66/12 pack
Best Foods Mayonnaise $1.25/30 oz. jar
Kool-Aid 10 cent/pack
Bread $1/package (from Bakery Outlet on Vail)
Pancake Mix $6/10 lbs (Costco)
Taco Shells $1/box
Hamburger Helper $.50/box
Cake Mix $1/box
Kid Fruit/Granola Snacks $.13/piece

Pepsi/Coca-Cola Brand Sodas 20 cents/can
2-L Pepsi/Coca-Cola Brand Soda $.79
Orange Juice $2/64 oz
Milk $2-$2.50/gallon (Costco/CVS)
Apple Juice $1/64 oz.
Whole Bean Coffee $4/12 oz.
Kid Juice Box/Pouch $.15/piece

Ground Beef 15% Fat $1.99/lb
Ground Beef 12% Fat $2.99/lb (Costco)
Ground Beef 9% Fat $2.75/lb (Costco: Commerce)
Tuna 40 cents/can
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.79/lb
Chicken Breasts w/ Ribs 99 cents/lb
Hot Dogs $1/package
Bacon $3.50/lb
Cold Cuts $1/lb

Bananas 39 cents/lb
Strawberries $1/lb
Apples 50 cents/lb
Vegetables: If the price is per item I chose a few, weigh them all and buy the heaviest

Huggies Baby Wipes $.02/wipe
Huggies/Pampers Diapers $6.00/Jumbo Package
Pampers Easy Ups $8/Jumbo Package

Paper Towels $1.58/96 sheets per roll (Costco)*
Toilet Paper 50 cents/roll*
Toothpaste $1/tube
Kid Toothpaste $1.50/tube
Kid's Battery Toothbrushes $4
Cascade Complete Action Pacs $.20/pack
Dish Washing Soap $.75/10oz.
Tide Detergent $0.08/ounce
Refillable Razors $1/blade
Disposable Razors Free
Shaving Cream $1.25/can
Body Lotion $3.50/large container
Shampoo/Conditioner $1/bottle
Bar Soap $.20/bar
Deodorant $0.75
Body Wash $1
Liquid Hand Soap $0.88
Kid Band-Aids $1.50/box
Sunscreen $4/can
*I find it difficult to compare toilet paper and paper towels. There are varying amount of sheets per roll, some are double rolls, some aren't. To do a fair comparison you have to measure length per roll. I typically buy from Costco whenever there is a coupon.

I'm continually updating this list,
if you find a better deal I'd love to hear about it!

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