Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bicknell Park, Montebello, CA: Review

Enter the park from Garfield Avenue and turn in at the golf course. On the right is a pond with two fountains and a family of ducks who are begging for some crackers. Drive up the hill and park anywhere on the left. The park is surrounded by a parking lot on all sides.

There is no sign stating that you have arrived at Bicknell Park, but it’s a grassy area with a tall monument in the center remembering the victims of the Armenian Genocide. At the monument you’ll get a great view of the San Gabriel Mountains and the local hills. It’s a nice place for a picnic, there are plenty of trees to set a blanket under or you can find seating inside the monument.

There is a nice paved path that cuts through the park in a north/south direction but it doesn’t go anywhere. It begins and ends in a parking space. There is no handicap ramp at either end. The monument has a wheelchair ramp. It’s located on the southeast side adjacent to a steep hill. There is no walkway leading up to the ramp.

The monument from a distance is very beautiful. If you stop to read the monument inscription, head's up, birds nest at the top. There is a water fountain at the monument but it looks like it doesn’t get much use, let it run a good minute before taking a first gulp. There is no trash can at the monument. The monument is surrounded by a lot of low walls perfect for kids to climb on, but keep a watchful eye; it’s a long way to the bottom if they fall the wrong way.

If you have to go to the bathroom walk west across the parking lot into the golf course area and you’ll find some beautiful restrooms adjacent to the golf pro shop. The Quiet Cannon restaurant is located just past the restrooms. It's a bar/cafe/restaurant combination and is a really nice place to have a meal. An average meal is less than $10. There are nine giant flat screen televisions throughout; most are concentrated in the bar area.

To the southeast of the park is a driving range. Prices start at $2.75 for a bucket. Sometimes the balls get past the netting and fence and make it into the parking lot, so take a look around and you may get lucky and get a free souvenier of your visit. In the same park area is the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, it's easy to access via the golf course, but an unshaded walk through the parking lot. My mother-in-law stayed there once and she had no complaints. About me, of course, but the hotel, no.

901 Via San Clemente
Montebello, CA 90640

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  1. Hi! I am very familiar with the area. Love the park @ QC and just did a photo shoot with my sis.

    Nice pics!