Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lets go Dodgers! Free Dodger Tickets

Thanks to the Union 76 Promotion we scored a set of four Dodger tickets to a Sunday game. The kids had only been to minor league games and I wasn't sure how they'd handle the huge stadium and crowds. Our seats were in the lower reserve section in right field. They weren't too bad except that we were in full sun. I slathered the kids with sunscreen but they were complaining that they were getting hot by the 4th inning. The stadium had lots of empty seats so we moved to a shaded area and they were so happy to be in the shade they were great the rest of the game.

During the game the kids were happy to watch the action on the big screen, enjoyed the music, and looking through binoculars at people. After the game kids were allowed to run the bases on the field. This is something new for me and the kids had a blast, even the baby! The line was really long but it went really fast, there are pictures online but I haven't checked them out yet.

I don't know Dodger policy on bringing food into the stadium but the signs at the entrances said, "No glass containers, alcohol, and coolers." I had popcorn, candy, go-gurt, and other snacks in my purse and I was passed through security. We bought 3 drinks at $5 a piece and paid $15(!) for parking. The game started at 1pm and we were in the car at 5:00.

I noticed a park outside the stadium and the cheapskate in me thinks I'll try to arrive early and park in the street next time. But my husband noticed an MTA ad in the Dodgers Playbill magazine that says FREE round-trip bus service to the stadium is offered to/from Union Station. You just have to show your ticket to get on the bus. The last time I was at Union Station parking was about $7. I also noticed that the MTA bus stop was a heck of a lot closer to the stadium than my parked car was.

At the game there were advertisements for discounted kid tickets. The day of the game you can purchse two children's tickets for $5 each with a paid adult ticket in any section of the stadium. What a bargain!

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