Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Telephone Survey re: Montebello

This afternoon I'm in the yard watering when my son brings me the phone, it was a survey company asking questions about Montebello. They ask me what are the 3 biggest concerns I have as a resident of Montebello. I said, graffiti, crime, and the Montebello Hills. They asked what I would do to help Montebello get better, my response was to have some kind of incentive for business to come to Montebello. I must have my finger on the pulse of Montebello because the question were about all those things.

I think the city council paid for the survey (or the development company of the Montebello Hills) and when given the opportunity to add my own comments I suggested that the next time there is to be a survey they should think about hiring residents to conduct the survey instead of hiring an outside company. The woman conducting the survey said the company is based in Utah and she works out of a call center in Kansas. Some of the questions were poorly written and even she said she didn't understand them. Maybe the city should contract with me instead.

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