Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free Pennysaver Ad for Halloween!

Most people I've talked to about this do not read the PennySaver magazine that comes in the mail every Wednesday, but I do! They are having a promotion where you can place a Halloween greeting for Free!

You have 15 words including title for free! You can call it in 800-995-3333 or tweet your message to #pennyshout with your zip code and message. 2 free ads per household.

Think of the possibilities! You can write a message to your parents in another city, you can wish your kids or their teacher a Happy Halloween. I know my kids are going to be thrilled when they see their name in print.

Deadline is Thursday October 21 @4pm. Call or tweet your greeting ASAP!

1 comment:

  1. The ads to my kids showed up in print but the ads I placed for my parents didn't show up. The Pennysaver said they have the right to deny ads, maybe they didn't like my sarcasm or my parents didn't know where to look. I think they were looking for a full page ad instead of a little three liner in the message section. Glad the ones for the kids worked!