Friday, October 29, 2010

I found a Halloween Activity in Montebello!

I visited the Montebello Parks and Recreation Department at Acuna Park and found a notice for a teen dance that's happening tonight, Friday, October 29. No information on the start/end times. It's called "Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree" cost is $5, picture ID (school ID?) is required. The party is at the Cathy Hensel Youth Center,236 George Hensel Drive. 887-4577.


  1. hi! i recognize u from the YMCA! just wanted to know if you knew if the Disney store in montebello will be having its costume parade today or if it passed....thanks!

  2. The Disney store had their event last weekend. I took my kids and they had a lot of fun. If you read my other post I found some other events not too far, the zoo and at the Americana at Brand.