Friday, April 11, 2014

Bakery Outlet Montebello

Most Montebello residents are familiar with the Bakery Outlet on South Vail Avenue. At the outlet you can carbo load on bread, pastries, tortillas, bagels, pizza crust, donuts, cakes, cookies and more! Most items sell for 1-3 dollars. Fresher items cost more, but less than retail, and items closer to the "sell by" date are less.

I had such a great shopping day at the Outlet one day I had to take a picture of my purchases. For a little more than $11 I came home with 4 packages of hot dog buns, 3 packages of hamburger buns, a package of sweet Hawaiian rolls, a package of mini bagels, 2 packages of donuts and a pound cake!

One reason I got such a great deal is because of the Frequent Buyer card. It gets stamped with every purchase. When the card is full it can be redeemed for a free item. There is space for $44 of stamps, but if you visit the Outlet on Thursday or Sunday the amount stamped is doubled!

Frequent Buyer Card.
The outlet store runs a promotion every day of the week. Here is the flyer with the current specials.

Another way to save money is to use coupons. The Bakery Outlet coupons can usually be found in four places:
  1. The PennySaver magazine, every other week, usually delivered in the mail on Wednesday. Coupon varies from 10% off, free black line item, or Buy One Get One Free.
  2. A mailed flyer delivered about twice a year in advertisements.
  3. Handed out in store, usually good for the next month.
PennySaver coupon. This coupon can be used twice before the expiration date!
Coupons that came in the mail.

In addition to the coupons, cashiers give out free items of the store's choice with a $6 and $10 purchase. In the picture of my purchase above I actually received four of the items for free by using a Buy One Get One coupon, a full stamp card, a free item at $6, and a free item at $10.

Open Monday-Saturday 8:30 - 6:00 & Sunday 10:00 - 3:00.
480 South Vail Avenue
Montebello, CA 90640

There are 27 outlets in Southern California and there are more nationwide. See the full list of oulets here.


  1. I stumbled across this place when I went to the Dairy on Maple for some chocolate milk. I decided to stop because I needed bread. WOW! I walked out with a lot more than that and spent next to nothing compared when I go to the grocery store. I find myself going back each week to check out the new items...and to grab 2 boxes of donuts for the kids. So glad I found it!

  2. GREAT GREAT INFO!!! Thank you !!