Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Dominos Pizza $5 Gift Card

Domino's used to have a really cool Pizza Points program where you can order online and earn points for every dollar spent. We order pizza once every couple of weeks as a treat and would earn a free pizza after 4-5 orders which was great! Since then, Domino's discontinued the program and we've been getting Costco pizza. I didn't want to turn on the oven in this heat, and the Commerce Costco food court was closing so we decided to go with Domino's again. At the end of my online order it had this link:

It'll take you to a Behind the Pizza game where you find out about the origins of the ingredients to make the pizza, watch some short videos, and play games to earn points for free stuff. You can get a free cinnamon treat with just one point, a chocolate treat for 50 points, and a coupon for a buy one get one free large pizza coupon, or you can choose to continue playing and try for a $5 gift card. The $5 gift card game is a memory type game and you can chose to redeem it immediately at or you can have it emailed.

My son and I spent about 15 minutes going through the whole process. If you have some spare time it's an easy way to save $5 or have your kid navigate the process, it's pretty easy.

If you haven't ordered online from Domino's before it's actually really fun. You see the ingredients being piled on your pizza as you're placing the order, and the pizza tracker tells you the status of your order. I love it when it says, "Jesus is delivering your pizza." It's like our pizza has been blessed by the Lord.

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