Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haircuts at Home: Where to Start

My first try at haircutting was years ago when my infant son had a 3 inch tuft on the crown of his head.

One night I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed my scrapbook scissors and cut off a 2 inch chunk. Later we'd take him to the barber and he would cry so much it was impossible to get any style with his squirming he'd end up with a buzz cut.

While at Costco one day I saw a hair trimming kit for $25. I figured since all the barber does it use the #2 tool all the way around while he screams I may as well give it a go at home and save the hearing of everyone at the barber shop. It worked out well. He still screamed, and I didn't have to pay a barber $10 and he got a lollipop and bath after.

Last week my husband was in need of a trim and he decided to save the $14 he would have given the barber and give my trimming skills a try. I was a little nervous but it turned out just fine and I'll be doing his hair from now on.

If you want to try cutting your family's hair at home you'll need to invest in a clipper set and a pair of good shears. I didn't see any clipper kits on Costco's website but Sally's Beauty Supply has a variety starting from $27. Shears start at $10. There is a Sally Beauty in Monterey Park in the Atlantic Square shopping center and in Pico Rivera in the Wal-Mart/Lowe's shopping center. Click here to see clipper/trimmer products.

There are lots of websites with tips on cutting hair at home and I'm sure a YouTube search will bring up lots of hits and there will be an occasional article with pictures in a magazine.

Here are my suggestions:
  • Start with the kids, they don't complain about style as much and if you mess up with your son a short buzz looks fine on a boy and with daughters, there are always headbands, clips, and ponytail holders you can use until it grows out and you can try again.
  • Sit the kid up high either on a counter or on a stool.  
  • Cut longer girl's hair right after their bath when it's wet and give them something usual to play with like a make up brush.
  • Start with a simple cut, #2 or #3 all the way around for boys and straight across the back for girls. 
  • Keep a trash can nearby to dump larger clumps of hair, and a vacuum cleans up the hair really well when you're done.

Although I am getting better at cutting hair, I don't trust my skills for major events such as picture day, weddings, or interviews. For special occasions I send my family to the professionals. Whichever route you chose remember, It's only hair, it will grow back.

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