Saturday, November 6, 2010

LA Times for $9.88, $20 off of Dish Network, all with one phone call!

I was busy with the family one weekend and didn't check my email. Come Monday I was pretty upset one day to find that I had missed a Groupon opportunity to get a year subscription to the Sunday LA Times for $10. After I calmed down, I did the only rational thing I could think of; I called 1-800-LA-TIMES. I explained what happened and they made a better offer of $9.88 for the year! I asked for two subscriptions at this price and it was not a problem. We went from paying over $20 a month for one subscription to less than $20 for two subscriptions for the whole year! My sister in law called earlier this week and asked for the $9.88 offer and the LA Times happily obliged.

I was so happy with my success I tried my luck with Dish Network. Luckily our contract with them had expired, I had Direct TV's ad in front of me and a calculator handy and told them we weren't happy with paying $70+ a month when we could switch companies and pay only $30. The customer service rep told me about a special HD for Life program where we'd save $10 a month. Then they offered $5 to keep our business. I told them I wasn't happy with only a savings of $15 so I was transferred to someone else and the new representative offered $10 off per month to keep our business. I did some quick calculations that involved Direct TVs fine print to find that this discount with the HD for life discount was equivalent to Direct TVs offer and said, "Deal!".

I wasn't so lucky with our car insurance. I had a copy of our car insurance terms and called 3 competitors. All had quotes $100 more than our current rate. So we're stuck with that one, but you can be sure I'll try again next time.

Now think about all the recurring bills you get every month. Call a competing company for a quote. Call your current service provider and tell them about a solicitation that came in the mail or say you think you are paying too much and are looking for a way to save. Give it a try, companies will do a lot to keep our business and in the end we’re the ones to save a bundle! Now get out there and save, save, save!

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