Saturday, November 20, 2010

Save 10 cents off Shell Gas with Ralphs Card: It really works!

I have to admit that I was skeptical of this promotion, I thought there would be a catch in the redemption process. Regardless I convinced my husband to give it a try and we stopped at the Shell station across from Ralphs in Monterey Park.

Gas was selling for $3.13 but with one swipe of my Ralphs card and a few seconds later the price down to $3.03 when we took the nozzle off the pump. It was really easy!

The key to redeeming this offer is to swipe your card or enter your Ralphs alternate ID before paying with a credit card or with the attendant inside the station. Don't worry if you forget the directions, the instructions are also on the pump itself. You can read details about the promotion here.

I found a great site that lists gas prices in cities nationwide. Here is the link for all the gas stations in Montebello and Pico Rivera. If you need gas prices in a different area, just change the settings at the top of the page.

One of my favorite fill up stations in South El Monte off the 60 Freeway at Peck Road is a Shell station. Today gas is $3.09 there and with the Ralph's card it's only $2.99! For more information about this station see my previous post.

Spread the word, Ralphs + Shell = Savings!

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