Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This is an article I wrote for Christmas of 2010, but I thought I'd share it again for Mother's Day. I've updated the coupon codes for you. Enjoy!

Do you have someone in your life that has everything, doesn't need anything, and doesn't want anything? I have two solutions for you! I do a fair amount of online shopping and I find myself going back to these sites for hard to shop for family members year after year.

If you are looking for a gift for anyone in their 50s, 60s, or 70s, Photo Stamps are perfect for them! That generation still pays their bills, writes holiday/birthday cards, and send letters all through the regular mail. You can create a unique postage stamp just for them with pictures of themselves, yourself, the grand kids, their house, their old car, USC or UCLA logo, anything, and they will love it! 

Last Christmas I bought my mom 4 sheets of Photo Stamps. At first she didn't know what it was and we went through the whole, "yes, it's a real stamp", "yes, you stick it on an envelope", and "no you don't have to lick it, it's a sticker" routine, but for the rest of the year she couldn't stop talking about them. She'd get calls from family members just to talk about the stamp on the envelope. She kept them in her purse and showed them off to her co-workers and at her Red-Hat meetings. She LOVED them!

Each sheet comes with 20 stamps and go for $18.99 a sheet or less. They cost more than regular stamps, but it's all about giving a unique personalized gift. For under $20, it can't be beat! The site is one of the easiest to use that I've come across. You can create the stamps and order in less than 5 minutes!

FYI: is a Los Angeles based company. Last year I placed my order on 12/19 and it said the estimated arrival date was 12/26, but because they are so close I received them on 12/23. I was so happy I wrote them a thank you e-mail.

I received a special shipping code for that you can use to get free shipping! Enter  MOTHERS2011A at checkout!  Click here to create your own Photo Stamp gifts! has thousands of calendars available. Desk calendars, wall calendars, Betty White calendars, SpongeBob calendars, Harry Potter calendars, naked people calendars, you name it they have it!

 Enter ACCESS at checkout to save 10% on your order. Click here to order your calendar gift! Free shipping with any order of $20 or more.


Another awesome calendar gift is a personalized calendar with pictures of your family. There are lots of sites like or (photo) that offer photo calendars. One awesome feature I found is that you can place a photo on specific dates on the calendar. For every member of my family I placed a photo of them on their birthday, I put wedding pictures on anniversaries, etc.

It's a great gift but it takes some of time. If you are going to make a personal photo calendar, set aside a few hours to chose your photos, upload, and place them where you want on the calendar. Then order multiple copies! Your family will love it! You can start your calendar to start with any month.

Shutterfly: Free shipping with any order of $30 or more, enter SHIP30 at checkout.

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