Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vacation: Suggestions on how to keep your kids from getting bored and driving you nuts!

I was inspired by a Facebook friend who posted,
3 weeks vacation, what to do?
I quickly rattled off a few ideas and thought I'd share with everyone here. If you are lucky enough to be home with the kids during vacation here are some ideas on what to do to keep everyone from getting bored.
  • Parkapalooza: Prepare a picnic lunch and visit as many parks as you can in one day
  • IKEA Covina: let the little ones play in Smaland and the big kids can test out all the furniture
  • Polly's Pies: Friday night date night with free childcare
  • YMCA: Kids under 12 can go to the supervised KidZone, and you and kids 12 and older can exercise
  • Library: check out books and videos, attend a storytime
  • Redbox: rent a newly released DVDs
  • Costco: try every sample available, samples are usually available after noon 
  • Snow: Go up to the mountains and find a hill to slide down
  • Christmas Lights: take a drive and see neighborhood displays
  • Shops at Montebello Mall: visit the play area for the little kids & get a sample of See's candy
  • Hiking: discover some local trials or just walk along the bike path on the riverbeds
  • Pool: Visit a friend who has a pool in their backyard or apartment building.
Stuck at home? Here is my go to list for when the kids don't know what to do:

  • Mail pictures or letters to your favorite Disney character: most actually write back! Send them c/o Disneyland, 1313 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802
  • Play-doh: bring out a plastic knives for cutting and small plastic containers or lids and let them be creative
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Homework-like pages (found at 99 cent store, Target, Walmart, Costco)
  • Play in the yard: clip pillowcases around their necks and they are instant superheroes
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood and see who can find the most number "8"s
  • Bubbles: inside or outside the house
  • Read books: either together or older kids can read to little ones (I pay my son $1 per hour of reading to sisters)
  • Stickers: decorate a cereal, tissue, or Christmas box
  • Board games and card games: even 2-3 year olds can play "Go Fish"
  • Blocks, Legos, dominoes: use them all at once and create an empire
  • Kid friendly websites:,,,,,,,,
  • Bake something together, cookies, cake, bread, muffins
  • Drag out some toys from the garage or under the bed that the kids forgot were there
  • Drape a blanket over the kitchen table to make a playhouse or fort
  • Make a book: fold several plain white pages together, staple to make a binding and make a book
  • Have a movie night/afternoon: darken the room, pop popcorn, and serve drinks w/ Red Vines straws
  • Invite their friends over: kids usually play better with a new kid in the mix

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