Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Day Card for Kids: BOGO Free at Rite Aid and other Valentine options...

Assorted Licensed Valentine's Boxed Cards Selection may vary by store<br />price with wellness+ cardRite Aid has boxed Valentine cards on sale this week Buy One, Get One Free. Great deal if you have two or more kids! The boxes with 33 cards are $1.99 and there are some boxes with 16 pencils for $3.99 that are also included in the sale.

The drug stores are all carrying individually wrapped chocolate candies ($4 bag) and lollipops ($2 bag of 20) that already have the To/From label on the wrapper. Generally a really good price for a mini chocolate bar or a larger lollipop is 10 cents a piece or less. Pixie sticks are the cheapest candy you can find at two-three pennies a piece on sale, last Halloween I found them at Wal-Mart in a package of 100, they are also sold at Smart & Final.

Click here for some ideas on homemade Valentine ideas. I especially like this "Give a Hoot" idea.  It can be easily done with a heart shape instead of an owl and Pixie sticks.

 Give a Hoot

UPDATE 2/1: I wrote this last week. The Rite Aid sale is over. Keep your eyes open for sales where the candy is 10 cents a piece or cheaper and you've got a bargain. I didn't see Pixie Sticks at my recent Wal-Mart trip, and brand name Valentine candy was going for 15-20 cents a piece, no real bargains. There might be some coupons for candy out there, or there might be bigger sales next week.

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