Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lowe's Free Build and Grow Workshops for Kids!

Lowe's hosts a free hands on building clinic for kids once or twice a month. Children in grades 1-5 can put together a project to take home. Here are examples of some of past projects that my kids enjoyed:


Tables are set up in outside the front of the store. Families check in with the Lowe's employee and kids receive an apron, hammer, and a kit. Directions are included in the kit. When the project is complete, kids return the hammer and receive a patch for their apron.

At the Pico Rivera location there are tables, but as you can see from everyone working on the floor, the hammers work better on the concrete. I usually bring beach towels or a large blanket to put on the floor where we work.
 Build and Grow clinics are limited to the number of kits available. Register online to reserve a spot for your child, or if you are feeling lucky, walk in and take an open spot. Usually there are enough kits from no-shows for the walk-in participants, if not I've seen the employees hand out extra old kits so no one is left disappointed.

To see the next kit & to register visit



  1. Awesome! Just got a spot at the pico rivera location.

  2. Is the event well organized at the Pico Rivera store? How long is the wait to get checked in and receive a kit?

    1. The Pico Rivera store is pretty well organized. Enough parents have been before and they form two lines, one for pre-registration and one for walk-in registration. The pre-registered families are given the kits first and at 15 minutes past the start time the walk-in registration line is served. Usually the kits are distributed quickly in a few minutes, the longest you'll wait depends on the time you arrive. The earlier you arrive, the longer you'll wait.