Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer School & Summer Day Camps

If you know of a city or school that is offering a summer program, please email me at:

Summer School & Classes

Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Montebello is offering a summer enrichment program for K-8 grades, the program features language arts, mathematics and Spanish.  Monday, June 25th - Thursday July 19th, 8:30-11:45am, $225.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in Monterey Park is offering summer school from June 20 - July 20 for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade from 8am - Noon. The cost is $280. Students are taught language arts, reading review, basic mathematics and a choice of electives. No school on Fridays.

St. Benedict Catholic School in Montebello is offering summer school from June 25 - July 26, Monday - Thursday for students in 1st through 8th grade from 8am-1pm. The cost is $185 per student, students bring their lunch.

Cerrritos College offers a summer program for kids. Sign up your child for classes during the day and schedule swim time and supervised lunch.

Rio Hondo College offers classes for children throughout the year.

East L.A. College offers weekend classes for children throughout the year.

Summer Day Camps

The Montebello-Commerce YMCA offers a weekly day camp for grades 1-5. Cost is $150 a week + a $25 registration fee. Each week the group goes on a field trip to match the theme of the week. Field Trips include: Sparks Basketball game, California Science Center, Huntington Beach, Travel Town, LA Zoo, Grammy Museum, and Nickel Nickel.

The City of Montebello offers a weekly summer day camp for ages 5-12. Cost is $84 a week, 6:30am - 6: 30pm.

The city of Pico Rivera offers a weekly day camp for from completed Kindergarten- completed 8th grade. Total cost is $94 a week, 8am - 5pm.

The City of Montery Park offers a weekly day camp for ages 5-13. Cost is $131 a week, 7am - 6:30pm.


  1. wow how expensive, and no financial aid or assistance of any form. this is a social problem where it discriminates financially unfortunate children.
    (i went to private school my entire life, including college now)

  2. Actually, many of the programs offer financial assistance. The YMCA offers year long assistance that applies to any of their programs for any family in need. The Cathlic schools have scholarship programs. If you would like your child to attend one of these programs, give them a call and let them know there are financial difficulties, they may have a program to help!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I live in an area where camps are at least $300 a week. This gives me an idea for the 2013 summer :)