Saturday, July 5, 2014

Minor League Baseball Games: Incredible Value & Awesome Experience

Last night my family attended a minor league baseball game. The San Bernardino 66ers played against the Visalia Rawhide team. The 66ers are an affiliate team to the Angels. I had so much fun I wanted to share the ins-and-outs of a minor league game with my readers.

Minor League games are a bargain compared with the cost of attending a Dodgers or Angels game.
The stadium holds only 5,000 so every seat is a great seat.

Besides the baseball game, the 66ers organization offers a wide range of entertainment:
    Rolling Tires!
  • Spectators can sign up at the information booth for a chance to participate in in-between inning games. 
  • The 66ers Dance Team entertains the crowd with routines and helps with the activities.
  • Hot Dogs and T-shirts are thrown into the stadium seats, and there are foul balls a plenty to be caught by any brave spectator.
  • Bernie, the 66ers mascot, dances, visits with fans, poses for pictures, and high-fives anyone in his path throughout the game.
  • At the end of the game fans on the home side have the chance to catch a game ball as the players throw them into the stands.
  • During fireworks nights fans are invited to sit in the outfield for a better view.
Running the bases against "Bernie".

There is a supervised Fun Zone where kids can play in bouncers, $5 for an unlimited wristband.

For $5 visitors can have a birthday or anniversary message appear on the big screen.

Parents can sign their children up for the free Kids Club, with lots of perks such as free admission to all Sunday home games, a birthday card, a free meal, and  they can run the bases after every Sunday game.

Tickets can be purchased on game day or via Ticketmaster online. Ticket prices range from $5 for lawn seating (bring your own chairs/blankets) to $14 for the first row behind home plate. Parking is $5.

Special promotion nights run throughout the season with such things as bobble head giveaways, Lucha Libre masks, "50 cent Fridays" where hot dogs, bread sticks and quesadillas are 50 cents each, "Thirsty Thursdays" where beer and soda are $1 each, "Bark in the Ballpark" where pets are invited to enjoy the game with their owners, and "Turn Back the Clock Tuesdays" where tickets, parking, and beer are only $2 each.
Fans on the field ready to watch the fireworks.

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If you are more of a Dodger fan, you can catch the affiliate minor league team, the Quakes, play in Rancho Cucamonga.

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