Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cut your monthly phone bill by $20, $50 or even more!

Earlier today we managed to cut our home phone bill by over $50/month!  Last week we received a letter from  the Hispanic Marketing Team at AT&T advertising some service bundles.  Although we already had most of the services they were offering , I decided to call and see if we could get a better deal.  This is what we got:

  • We were paying $35/month for high speed Internet service.  By committing to a 12 month service plan, we received a promotional price of $15/month for the next year.  Savings: $20/month. 
  • We had separate plans for local and long distance, with a combined monthly cost of $67 .  By subscribing to the All Distance Bundle (package code BPABC), and because we also had internet service, we received the promotional price of $35.  Savings: $32/month!
  • Combined savings of $52/month!

The AT&T promotions number we called was 877-910-0066. Additional bundles were available which combined DirectTV, but we did not inquire into them further. 

Your results might vary according to which services you subscribe to.  Make sure you have your latest phone bill handy, as they will ask you for some information from it.  My phone call with AT&T lasted about 30 minutes and I had to speak to two Customer Services Representatives to get this price reduction, so make sure you have some available time when calling.

Good luck!

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