Monday, October 3, 2011

Montebello Mom Daytrip Report: Angel's Flight and Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market BroadwayEntrance
Today’s Montebello Mom Daytrip will take us to Angel’s Flight and Grand Central Market, one of my favorite downtown lunch spots.  Part food court and part open air market, the Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. has been serving the city since 1917. 

When travelling downtown, I prefer to ride the bus to avoid the hectic driving and expensive parking.  Montebello Bus Lines Route 40 starts at the intersection of Beverly and Norwalk Blvd. in Whittier and ends in Downtown L.A.  Once in Downtown, we stepped off the bus at Hill and 3rd Streets, across the street from the Grand Central Market. 

Angel's Flight Railway

Before lunch we rode Angel’s Flight up to the California Plaza Water Court.  Its 325 feet of track make Angel’s Flight the shortest railway in the world, and for 25 cents it climbs up the 33% grade to the top of Bunker Hill.  A walk up Angel’s Knoll steps is an alternative for those looking for a cardio workout. 

The Water Court at California Plaza
California Plaza is an expansive multi-level open space replete with large fountains and sculptures, making it a great place for a downtown stroll.  At the northwest corner sits the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).  The MOCA store has a separate entrance from the museum, and its shelves are stocked with thousands of art books as well as artsy shirts, mugs, and other accessories. 

Grand Central Market
After our stroll, we took the railway back down to Grand Central Market, where dining options include Mexican, Salvadorian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Teriyaki and Hawaiian BBQ among others.  Marketplace stalls offer produce, seafood, meat, spices, candy, Hispanic products and liquor. 

After enjoying our lunch, we exited on the Broadway Street side and crossed the street to the Bradbury Building on the corner of 3rd and Broadway.  Although the name might not be familiar, its center court featuring intricately ornate iron and wood banisters might be recognizable, as it has been filmed numerous times for movies, TV shows, videos and commercials.   

Bradbury Building Courtyard
To return home, we boarded the Montebello Bus Lines Route 40 bus at 4th street, between Broadway and Spring Streets.   

Grand Central Market is open daily from 9am-6pm and is located at 317 S. Broadway in Downtown L.A.   

Click here for more information about Montebello Bus Lines. 

The opinions expressed are solely of the author’s.  We would like to thank Montebello Bus Lines for their consideration.

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