Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I saved $25 on kids clothes in one hour!

Bins of "Save for Later" clothes.

A couple times a year I run through a routine of cleaning out my kid's closets. I tell the kids we are having a "Fashion Show" and they try on nearly every piece of clothing they own. I make a pile of clothes they've outgrown and put them into five piles: still fits, pass on to friends/family, too big/save for later, yard sale, and throw away.

This round was initiated because my son was complaining that a lot of his school shirts were too tight and he was running out of shirts by the end of the week. I first looked online to see what The Children's Place had in stock and three new shirts with coupons and tax would cost about $25.

The yard sale pile.

Prior to making a trip to the mall, my son and I headed to his closet. After an hour sorting through nearly 100 items while my son was busy making faces in the mirror and inventing new ways to put on a shirt that didn't require the use of hands I realized that my son had outgrown about 1/3 of this clothes. However, he still had seven school shirts that fit perfectly, and we came across about a dozen items that still had tags on them.

So in the end there was no need to spend $25 on new shirts, he has plenty of school shirts and I will probably make about $30 from his old clothes at the next yard sale. Tomorrow, I'll take advantage of the three day weekend and tackle the girl's closet, wish me luck!

That's one organized closet!

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