Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crocs Store Grand Opening: The Citadel Outlets, Saturday 3/31

Crocs are hands down, bar none, the most versatile shoes around today; not to mention extremely comfy.  Chefs, nurses, surgeons, dentists and other professionals who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet wear them everyday.  Their style and materials also make them great for the beach, the pool or a stroll around the park.  Got them dirty?  Toss them in the washing machine.  Stepped on something nasty?  Hose them down and toss them in a bucket with warm water and bleach.  Try that with your fancy Italian leather loafers and see how that works out!  The fact that some styles cost as low as $30 make them easy on the wallet as well, and you can outfit the entire family with matching Crocs without breaking the bank.
We are happy to report that a new Crocs store is now open at The Citadel Outlets, 100 Citadel Drive in Los Angeles!  The store is huge, and features a generous inventory of their popular models in all sizes and colors.  Bring your old used Crocs in still wearable condition and donate them to charity to receive a 15% discount off your purchase!

The store will host its Grand Opening event on Saturday, March 31st starting at 10 am.  The first 50 customers will receive a free pair of Crocs, and they will have discount coupons and other freebies throughout the day.

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