Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guide to JCPenney "Merry Christmas America!" Button Collecting & Game

**There has been a lot of traffic from Russian sites to this page. I'd appreciate it if someone who found this page from a Russian site could explain what is drawing the interest.
These are the 50 buttons featured on the JCPenney "Merrry Christmas America!" web page.
Each button has a code on the back. Enter your email and the code on the JCPenney web page and within moments you'll receive an email if you have a winning button or not.
You do not have to register unless you win a prize. Only an email address* or facebook account* is required to input the code to see if it's a winner. The odds of winning are pretty good. The $5 and $10 holiday certificates have a 1:8 chance of winning. 2 codes per person and email account per day.
*Users of AOL & Hotmail email accounts, and people who sign into the game using their Facebook profile have reported very long delays of 72 hours or sometimes more, in receiving emails from JCPenney for this contest.
If your button is not a winner, this is the email you will receive:

 If you get a winning button, this is what the email looks like:
Click the "Claim My Gift Now" button and enter your mailing address and phone number. You will not receive your prize immediately. The FAQ page says, "The elves are working day and night to get the gift out to ASAP."
If you write a question in to the contact link you'll get a message that says, "You will receive ANOTHER email that contains the certificate with a bar code, via the email you registered with. This is your Holiday Certificate. You will get this within 48 hours of filling out the redemption form."  
After a day or two this is the email you will receive:
$5 &; $10 Holiday Certificates cannot be combined. One certificate can be redeemed per transaction.
FYI: These buttons are not part of the giveaway. They are on JCPenney in-store signage and displays only.
There was a promotion with a large penguin button that was hidden in every store. The person who found the button won a gift card. I heard from people online that the button was hidden in plain view, such as on a mannequin's sweater.
For more information visit JCPenney's "Merry Christmas America!" page.
Happy Collecting & Good Luck!


  1. Good luck getting enough buttons to be able to play twice a day until Christmas Eve as intended... The cashiers are extremely stingy with them and most only give them out begrudgingly. I feel like Bob Cratchit begging for a meager shilling from Ebenezer Scrooge every time I approach a cashier and ask for my promotional buttons. They act like you don't deserve any buttons unless you're buying something, even though the game rules clearly state "no purchase necessary". Even when you are buying something oftentimes they won't give you any buttons unless you ask/remind them and then they usually only give one or two measly buttons no matter how many items you purchased. They want you to spend your gas money driving to JCPenney every day for a button that may or may not win you anything. The game is a cool idea in theory, but they didn't account for the general snottiness of the average retail worker which ruins the fun of the game in actual practice.

    1. Company direction is to give one out. Cut employees some slack if you have not worked a full shift in retail most customers ad e not peaches

    2. That's true, the manager of the store tells employees to give only one button per customer per transaction. Employees would like to give out more but they don't want to jepordize their job over a button.

  2. This is a pretty random request, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to mail me there used buttons. I don't need/want the code but am working on a craft project and could use a few more. Thanks in advance

    heatherrific at hotmail dot com

  3. Heather, check ebay. There are tons being sold on there. Unfortunately, I am going to be selling my extra on there to get a few extra bucks for Christmas!

  4. I work at Penneys and the only reason we' re stingy with buttons is because we were told to give out two per customer. And we have a limited amount. We want to make sure everyone gets chance to play. And I might add that customers have gotten rather scrooge-ish over these buttons. Chill people! They're buttons!

  5. Yes found out early wuth buttons they act they r being interrupted from their job if ask or reminded of the buttons at first they gave me like four a purchase or req now they only give one per req.

  6. A clerk told me that I could add the $5 dollar winners together or add the $10 winners togeth. Any denomination tht was the same. I have five winners with $5 each. Can I add them together for a $25 purchase?

  7. The certificate says only one per transaction. I've been using them seperately at the Montebello, CA locations, but I read on the JCPenney FB page comments that some associates are allowing customers to combine the certificates. I suggest you ask the associate in the department in which you are going to make your purchase prior to shopping then you know what to expect.