Saturday, November 24, 2012

iPod Touch 5: Best Price & Promotions

I received a call from my sister asking me to look into best prices and promotions for the new iPod Touch 5th Generation, 32GB. I learned that Apple has an agreement with retailers and the prices pretty much the same across the board. $295 - $300 plus an additional $25 or so in sales tax.

I found two promotions. One can get you $60 in free groceries and the other can get you $50 off.


1.  Go to Albertsons and buy $300 in Macy's gift cards. With every $100 purchase of Macy's gift cards you will get a $20 coupon for free groceries. Details about the Albertons promotion is here. After paying you'll have $60 in coupons for free groceries.

2. Visit the iPod kiosk at the Macy's. In Montebello, there is a kiosk in the Macy's Home store in the kitchen appliances section.

3. The kiosk accepts Macy's gift cards along with credit cards for payment. You'll need to swipe a credit card to cover the tax.

4. Remember to go back to Albertsons and use the free grocery coupons within the week. Better yet, save yourself a trip and after buying the Macy's gift cards, turn back around and go grocery shopping right then.

BONUS: The kiosk also sells iPads and accessories.

AMAZON.COM PROMOTION: has a $50 gift card offer if you sign up for an Visa card. $50 will automatically be deducted if you apply and qualify for an Visa Card. You may have to search around the site to get the link, I found the link to apply for the card after I put the iPod into my shopping cart. Free shipping.

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