Friday, December 14, 2012

Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls: $15 on Amazon! Perfect for Cuddling!

I was asked to buy several Lalaloopsy dolls for a preschool girls. My 7 year old has a regular Lalaloopsy made of hard plastic, Cinder Slippers, it's fun to play with by it's not well suited to cuddle.

These Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls are perfect for younger girls or girls who want to cuddle with the doll at night.
My 4 year old received one of these soft dolls and I can say that they are constructed of high quality fabric, super soft, and are the perfect size for little girls. They are 10 inches tall and each comes with a friend. There is also a spot to write a name on her bottom, it's a heart shape and says, "Belongs To _____", super cute! For under $15, it's a perfect gift for any Lalaloopsy fan.

Misty Mysterious Soft Doll $14.99
(Free Shipping w/ $25 order)
(Free Shipping w/ $25 order)
(Free Shipping w/ $25 order)
If you are looking for the hard dolls or the small figurine toy sets, JCPenney at the Montebello Mall has them for $15 in the children's department.

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