Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Ignore Aches and Pains! Chiropractic Therapy with Dr. Ng

Me in 1982.
Ever since I was a kid I experienced severe leg pain after a long day of activity. I knew it wasn't attributed to weight because as a young child I was as skinny as a twig.

My parents diagnosed it as "growing pains."

As a teen, a physician said the pain was caused by my sneakers.

With each of my three pregnancies and thereafter I experienced recurring pain related to sciatica. I was told by doctors that nothing could help alleviate the bouts of teeth-clenching pain I was experiencing twice a day.

Dr. Cathy Ng
After 30+ years of living in pain, and convincing my father that I was fully grown and it could not possibly be growing pains, I was referred to chiropractor, Dr. Cathy Ng.

I've heard a few things about chiropractors from co-workers, and one of my first questions to her was, "You aren't going to paralyze me are you?" After that I never once doubted Dr. Ng's abilities.

Her treatment and my recovery is nothing less than amazing. At my first visit Dr. Ng diagnosed me with scoliosis; the curve of my spine was unmistakeable on the x-ray.

I was given a treatment plan and after a month I was hardly experiencing any pain at all. It's nearly three years since I started seeing Dr. Ng and I can go weeks without experiencing any of my previous symptoms.

In addition to my treatment, Dr. Ng began adjusting my children for wellness purposes. They sometimes giggle or squirm, but they love the attention and I love that Dr. Ng is helping them stay healthy. Any time one of my kids experiences a major fall or bump they ask, "The next time you see Dr. Ng, can I go with you?"

To say Dr. Ng is passionate about her work is an understatement. I have never met a physician who is genuinely excited to share their knowledge with others. She is a very caring person who is sincerely interested in the well being of her patients.

 I tout the benefits of chiropractic care to anyone who complains of chronic pain. Trust me, she's the real deal, a true healer.

Dr. Ng practices in Arcadia. You can find more information about her services at

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