Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to get Free Shipping online!

Online shopping is very convenient, what's not to love about shopping at 11pm after a hot shower and in comfy pajamas, but shipping costs can easily add $5 or more to a total, and that's money I'm not willing to part with. Here are the strategies I use to get free shipping at online retailers.

1. Check or do a quick Google search using the words free shipping code and the name of the online retailer.

2. Fill the online shopping cart with enough merchandise to meet the minimum purchase requirements to qualify for free shipping. I sometimes will purchase a range of sizes to make sure my kids get the best fit and return the item that doesn't fit well to the brick & mortar store for a refund.

3. Visit the brick & mortar store and ask for a free shipping code. Often if an item is not in stock the store will offer free shipping at it's online store. I've done this at the Children's Place when I wanted to boys slim sizes and at the Disney Store when a dress size I needed was out of stock. In both instances I asked for a free online shipping code and I was given one.

4. Have a store associate place the order! If an item is not in stock at the store or if it is only available online you can ask an associate at the brick & mortar store to order it online for you. I've done this at Gymboree for swimsuits and at the Disney Store for princess attire. In both instances the shipping fee was waived. Kohl's has a kiosk where customers can order items online, when ordered through the kiosk in store the shipping is free!

5. When ordering online chose the pick-up in store or ship-to-store option. Usually you’ll have to go to customer service to pick up the item, or some stores have a special pick-up counter for online orders. At Best Buy I’ve used this option several times to guarantee that I get a copy of a video game or DVD at special limited time only pricing and not have to pay for shipping. I've also used it at Payless Shoes when I found a great online coupon, with free ship-to-store, I paid only $4 for a pair of kid dress shoes!

For more ways to save money online and elsewhere visit my Ways to $ave page!

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