Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Look how far $50 can go at the Shops at Montebello!

Hey all! The Shops at Montebello Mall gave this blogger an assignment. I was given a $50 Shops at Montebello Visa card and was asked to stretch it as far as possible!  With the combination of coupons for retail stores and trade-in offers I was able to buy over $105 worth of products and gifts for my family for $50! Take a look at what I found:


  • JCPenney is slowing bringing back coupons. I received this coupon for $10 off any purchase in the mail. This pair of MATRIX shampoo and conditioner liter bottles were on sale for $18. With my coupon I paid $8 for the pair. I usually pay $2 for a 10-15 ounce bottle of shampoo or conditioner. These bottles are 33 ounces each which is well within my stock-up price point, and the Amplify Volume series leaves my hair squeaky clean and soft.
2 Liters of Matrix Shampoo/Conditioner $8 with coupon.
  •  My mother recently cleaned out her garage and she gave me a huge box of books. I kept a few but the remainder I took to the Dollar Book Fair. This book store will give $1 credit for every 5 books given in trade. I turned in so many that I was given $15 in credit. With that I picked up 6 books. Most books at Dollar Book Fair are $2 or less, but I found three of the books in the newer/latest book section and they were slightly more expensive. Dora Search & Find $3, The Daring Book for Girls $4, Heaven is for Real $3. 
6 books, Free with Trade-in!

  • For Christmas I received my first pair of real sunglasses, which for me means that they cost more than $5. I've been caring for them by storing them in the zippered case that they came with, but as a busy mom I can't always take the time to zip up the case. My husband gave me his $20 Birthday coupon for the Sunglass Hut to buy a slap close case. The coupon states that I have to spend $20 to save $20. The case was $14 and I found a cleaning cloth for $7. I was supposed to end up paying about $2 with tax, but the coupon wasn't scanning properly and the store associate used another coupon for $25 off instead which made both items totally free! Yay me!
$20 off of $20 purchase coupon.

Case and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Free with coupon.

  • For family movie night I pre-ordered Wreck-It Ralph at the Disney Store. This movie includes a blu-ray, dvd, and digital copy of the movie and sells for $25. By pre-ordering I can pick up the movie at the Disney Store anytime on or after it's release date and it includes a coupon for $10 off any $10 purchase or $20 off a $40 purchase. When I picked up the movie I also bought a Wreck-It Ralph reusable bag for $3.50 and a set of nine Sugar Rush scented erasers for $7.35, which I will save for birthday party favors.With my $10 coupon I paid less than one dollar for both of them.
Wreck-It Ralph movie pre-order, $25.

Sugar Rush scented erasers & Wreck-It Ralph reusable bag, $0.93 after coupon.

  • I was drawn into the store, Next Accessories, by signs saying the store was closing. I was surprised to find some really great items for the family. For my husband I found an extendable back scratcher. It looks and feels very manly and has a telescoping handle. For $4, it makes a great kid gift for Father's Day. For my daughters I found sets of hair clips for $2 each. I like these clips because the part that clips in the hair has ridges and are likely to stay put. Unfortunately the Next store is now closed, but other accessory type stores in the Shops of Montebello may have similar items.
Back Scratcher & Hair Clips, $8.

  • In our house we can never find a notepad when we need it. We end up pulling out a sheet of paper from the printer and wasting a full 8.5 x 11" page for a grocery list. Ruggle's Hallmark store had my answer. Hallmark is so much more than cards! In the back of the store there is a lovely variety of address books, stationary sets, photo albums, and notebooks. I found this great notebook pad on sale for only $5.35. It can be customized by sliding in an initial card, has hundreds of tear away blank sheets, and the bold colors means that it will be easy to spot in the piles of clutter on my desk.
Notebook Pad, $5.35.
  • On Facebook I came across this voucher for a free sample of Lancome's Super Serums line. At Macy's I traded it in for these one time use samples. I was disappointed that the sample wasn't larger, usually the sample is a week worth of product, but it was free and is a great size for travel. Many makeup brands at Macy's host semi-annual free gift with purchase events, to see what freebies are available now, click here.
Lancome Super Serum Sample, Free with voucher.


  • For a limited time See's Candies is offering an Orange Creme lollipop. My kids love Orange Creme Popsicles, so I'm sure this will be a big hit when they find these in their baskets this Easter. Sold for $0.80 each or an 8 pack for $5.75.
See's Orange Creme Lollipops, $2.40.

A special thanks to the Shops at Montebello for sponsoring this bargain hunter's shopping trip!


  1. How do I get the coupons?

  2. I receive the JCPenney coupons becuase I have a JCPenney store card, but you can also get them if you sign up for the JCP rewards program. You can ask about it in store or sign up online.

    The Sunglass Hut coupons my husband gets because he is signed up on the mailing list for the Sunglass Hut. Every year on his birthday he gets the coupon. You can ask about it in store or sign up online at the Sunglass Hut website.

    The Lancome voucher I found on Facebook, I follow a few money saving/freebie blogs and someone posted the link. It was on the Lancome FB page. If you are interested in other free makeup coupons, read my previous post here:

    The Disney Store coupon is available with a pre-order of a movie. It seems like every time I go to the Disney Store they are offering a pre-order of a movie. With the coupon the cost of the movie comes is comparable to the sale price at Target or Walmart.