Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning with the Shops at Montebello

It's Spring! The weather has been wonderful and I love seeing my neighbors outside watering their lawns and people driving with the windows down.

Spring also means it's time to clean! For me that means going through the kid's clothes, matching lids to bowls in the Tupperware drawer, dusting every nook and cranny, and lots and lots of organizing.

The Shops at Montebello gave me a $50 Visa gift card and the assignment to get some spring cleaning done! I decided to use the gift card to tackle the toughest room in the house, my husband's bathroom, and give it a much needed makeover.

The room is small, barely 6'x7', which means that organization is the key to keeping the room in order at all times. As you can see from the before photos the shelves need the most attention and lack a decorative flair. You can see my handiwork in the after photos.
BEFORE                                AFTER

 I spruced up the room by tossing out empty containers, dusting the shelves, giving everything a once over with a cleaner and paper towel, organizing the reading material, mopping, and stocking two shelves with extra supplies.
BEFORE                              AFTER 
To give it that extra special touch I made a trip to the Shops at Montebello mall with my Visa Gift Card and found some great things to spruce up the room at JCPenney, Bath & Body Works, & Hallmark.
 I purchased  towels, a basket to hold hygiene items, foaming hand soap, body wash, and a personalized photo frame for decoration. 
The whole makeover took less than an hour to complete. Total cost $59.43!
Here is a detailed list of my purchases:
One of a Kind Creations Framed Collage, $19.95. Hallmark.

I love this, it's my absolute favorite! At first glance this looks like nice frame, but it's so much more! It's actually a photo gift! Under the backing is a code that allows you to go online, upload photos, and customize the picture you see in the frame with photos of your family! Printing and shipping is included in the price, so there is no additional cost from Shutterfly. Processing and shipping takes about a week, so this is definitely a gift you want to plan ahead for. 
Click here to see more about this product line.
**Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28, Hallmark is having an OPEN HOUSE and this Photo Gift will be 20% off**

Pics 'n' Props is another new line from Hallmark & Shutterfly.

It's a kit that includes a frame, code for Shutterfly photo processing, and a prop that you have the kids hold for a homemade photo shoot. This product absolutely blew me away! With this kit anyone can seem like a professional.

 Click here to learn more about the Pics 'n' Props line available at Hallmark.
**Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28, Hallmark is having an OPEN HOUSE and this Photo Gift will be 20% off**

If I received this as a gift I would think that my husband went out and made a sign, had the kids hold it, developed the photo, found a frame, and wrapped it all up for me, when in reality it was a kit! I would never know the difference and in my mind I would put him on a higher pedestal! 


Another Pics 'n' Props kit available at Hallmark.

This one is for Grandma. It comes with a frame, Shutterfly code, and three signs that say "We", "Love", "Grandma". There were kits for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, and a newborn Baby's first year too!
Click here to learn more about the Pics 'n' Props line.
**Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28, Hallmark is having an OPEN HOUSE and this Photo Gift will be 20% off**

Striped hand towel,$2.40. Striped wash cloth, $1.60. JCPenney.

I really like these towels, I found them in the clearance section and they have a waffle weave type pattern in the cotton that make it feel luxurious, and reminds me of a 5-star hotel bathroom.
I used a 20% off e-mail coupon for this purchase.

Royal Velvet Bath Towels, 100% Cotton, 30"x54", $11.20 each. JCPenney.

When I unfolded these towels they reached from my chin to the floor!
I used a 20% off e-mail coupon for this purchase.

Bath & Body Works collection for men.

A large portion of the wall is devoted to products for men. They offer hair/body wash, lotion, cologne, deodorant spray, and shaving cream in a range of fragrances.
Currently the men's products are Buy 3, get 2 free or Buy 2, get 1 free. 

Medium Wooden Basket, 8"x7"x4.5", $6.50. Bath & Body Works.

They also carry a larger wooden basket, and are available in a bright pink too!

Foaming Hand Soap, Sea Island Cotton fragrance, $5.50.
2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash: Noir fragrance, $11. FREE! Bath & Body Works.

I used a coupon I found at Guest Services in Center Court for a Free Signature Collection Item with a $10 purchase. The hand soap and basket came out to $12, making the body wash free!

A special thanks to the Shops at Montebello for sponsoring this Spring Cleaning shopping trip!

Shops at Montebello Visa gift cards are available at Guest Services in Center Court and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

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