Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scholastic Warehouse Sales: Half-price books!

Remember Scholastic book orders? The teacher would pass the newspaper print flyer out every month and you had to fill in the quantity and price in those little boxes. I vividly remember scraping together 95 cents or a few dollars to buy the latest Babysitter's Club or Judy Blume book. Earlier today I just relived the excitement of book clubs once again.

A few times a year Scholastic holds a Book Fair warehouse sale. The sale is for any person affiliated with a school, specifically school district employees, home school directors, teachers, Book Fair Chairpersons, and school volunteers. All books are heavily discounted and a coupon for $10 or $25  is given with pre-registration.

I attended this year's warehouse sale in Irwindale and was surprised at the immensity of the warehouse and quantity of books. There are rows and rows of books, most discounted 50% off. There is a second level with even more books! I found books from pre-school through adult in every genre as low as $1.
The warehouse is located in Irwindale and has extended the sale days through May 30. Hours are 9am-5pm, closed Sunday. Remember, only individuals affiliated with a school can shop. Online pre-registration is encouraged, registration is available on-site. You cannot check out without registering. Shopping carts are available. Cash or credit cards accepted. 
There were rows of books just like this one that spanned the warehouse from front to back.

I bought these 18 brand new children's books for less than $42, making the average value of each book $2.33!
15 books were half-price, 3 were 25% off.

If you are interested in books that are less expensive, you'll want to visit  East Los Angeles Library during their semi-annual Used Book Fair. Usually held in April and August. Children's books are as low as a quarter and many are nearly new. Click here for more information.


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