Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Montebello has a new Tupperware Lady, Jessica Mora-Noyes!

Limited Edition (Red/White) Shape-O-Toy
My love for Tupperware came about when I first played with a Shape-O-Toy at my grandmother's house. This toy, along with Tupperware stencils, and a stuffed turtle were the only toys she had. I would play for hours with that blue & red toy. As a kid I attended Tupperware parties with my mom and I had fun "burping" the round containers with the ribbed lids.

Now, my family and yours can make their own Tupperware memories with Montebello's Tupperware Lady, Jessica Mora-Noyes! Jess has been a Tupperware consultant since 2012, and she too had fun playing with Tupperware as a kid.

Jess is available for Tupperware parties at your home, online, for "Party in a Bag" catalog parties, or individual orders. Later this summer I will host a Tupperware Bingo party! At this unique party guests buy a bingo card and enjoy 10 rounds of bingo with Tupperware products as the prizes! The party ends with a grand prize at the final game. With Tupperware Bingo everyone comes home a winner.

If you are interested in ordering Tupperware products, hosting a party,
getting organized, or finding a replacement part, contact

 This is a sample of the Tupperware products I have in my home, not counting the ones currently in use as tub toys, storing leftovers, organizing odds and ends around the house, and the large bowls I bring out for parties.
When my cupboards began to overflow with mix-matched kid plates, cups, and bowls I found a Tupperware consultant and ordered matching sets and donated the old stuff. Buh-bye sippy-cups!With the matching sets my cupboards suddenly had room to spare!


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