Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas, by Mr. MontebelloMom

Written by Guest Blogger, Mr. Montebello Mom.

On this upcoming Father’s Day I invite you to lay off the ties, boxer shorts, and polo shirts, and instead look into some of these cool gifts that won’t necessarily break the bank.
This 10 in 1 screwdriver set includes a free bottle opener for under $15 at Home Depot.  Leave it in a kitchen drawer and you will have quick access to a variety of tools for many home improvement needs.
I am a big fan of pocket knives, and have found my new favorite in this Leatherman C33X unit which features a 2.5” blade and a carabineer clip that doubles as a bottle opener, all for under $20 at REI or Sports Chalet.
One of my favorite tools is this hammer that I received as a Father’s Day gift last year.  Look at how awesome looking it is!  If Chuck Norris had an official hammer, this would definitely be it!  Under $30 at Lowe’s.
Home Depot also has some tool sets for sale, like this 200 piece Husky mechanics tool set for under $100.  If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, this 65 piece Husky mechanics tool set will cover most of the basics for under $30 at the Home Depot. 
This 18V Lithium Ion powered drill& impact driver kit available for under $100 at Home Depot.  What’s that you say?  Dad already has a cordless drill?  Is it powered by a LITHIUM ION battery?  ‘Cause that’s what all the cool dads are doing now, you do want your dad to be cool right?  And look at that awesome neon green color! 
We here at wish all dads out there a happy and safe Father’s Day.


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