Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pompeii Exhibit: California Science Center

Open now through Sunday, January 11, at the California Science Center, Pompeii: the Exhibition is a must see for anyone interested in ancient civilizations.

I toured the exhibit and was awestruck at the idea that the frescos and artifacts on display were nearly 2000 years old. The seven room exhibit features artifacts of life in Pompeii and the final room reveals a simulated volcanic eruption and casts of individuals caught in the ash.

 I recommend this exhibit for ages 12 and up. The tour includes an audio-tour handset, however the descriptions include sophisticated language that kids may not understand. The exhibit lights are dimmed throughout and I overheard a young child as she was walking into the exhibit say she was scared.

There are a lot of representations of breasts and male genitalia throughout the exhibit which may make children and teens uncomfortable. There is also an erotic portion of the exhibit depicting sex lives of Pompeii citizens, that can be bypassed if desired.

If possible leave the kids at home or have another adult come to watch the kids in another part of the science center while you enjoy the exhibit at your leisure.

At the end of the Pompeii exhibit is a large room with blocks for kids to create an arch and simulate a volcanic eruption on a tablet. The room is the perfect getaway for parents of antsy kids. One parent can take the kids to the room and switch off with the other parent as needed.

The Pompeii exhibit ends in a gift shop where replica jewelry, art, and other souvenirs can be purchased.

Pompeii tickets start at $12.75 for children (4-12 years), $16.75 for seniors/students, & $19.75 for adults. Enter the promo code GOLD to save $5 off adult admission.

Allow 1 hour to tour the exhibit. Tickets include admission to Space Shuttle Endeavor exhibit. Parking at the California Science Center is $10, cash only. Admission to the California Science Center is free.

Now-January 11
California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

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