Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 Montebello Mom Facebook Posts of 2014

It has been a wonderful year at!
Hundreds of new readers have discovered this little blog and they are all welcome to join the MontebelloMom Facebook community.
I read the comments of every post and my favorite are the support and words of advice readers give to each other.
Listed below are the top 10 posts from MontebelloMom's Facebook page of 2014 as judged by total number of likes, comments, and shares.
Happy New Year!
2. Half-off backpacks at Spencers at the
Shops at Montebello


4. Lala's Free Christmas Trees 

5. Free Admission for Teachers at the Aquarium of the Pacific 

7. New Part Time Jobs in the Montebello area 


9. Costco Secret Code: the Asterisk 


Thanks for a wonderful 2014 everyone!
-Montebello Mom & Mr. Montebello Mom

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