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Journey to Space: Exhibition & 3D Film

Now- May 8, 2016
You must, must, must take your family to this exhibition.
I have a soft spot in my heart for NASA. Growing up my father took us kids to Edwards Air Force Base to watch the shuttle land, and we listened for sonic booms from the landings we couldn't see in person. When I was 10 years old our teacher wheeled in the television as another fifth grade class squeezed in their chairs so we could all see the Challenger take off and learn from the first teacher in space.
With all my love for NASA, I was surprised when tears started gathering in the corners of my eyes as the introductory video for Journey to Space started playing. It included television footage that detailed man's history with space exploration. I was overcome with emotion, in awe, and so proud of all that has been accomplished.

The space shuttle Endeavor. Ticket included with Journey to Space admission.

This is by far one of the best exhibits I have ever experienced, and I've seen a lot! This exhibit will get children and adults alike excited about space exploration. After touring the exhibit, seeing the Shuttle Endeavor, and watching the Journey to Space 3-D IMAX movie, I can hardly wait to see the first person on Mars.

Admission to the California Science Center is free.
Parking is $12, cash only.
Journey to Space Exhibit & Shuttle Endeavor 
Journey to Space Exhibit, Shuttle Endeavor, & 3-D IMAX movie $10.50-$16.75

Click here for more information.
If possible try to visit the exhibition at off-peak times. We visited on a Friday at 1:30pm just as the last of the school groups were leaving the museum. Journey to Space had about 50 people inside making it very easy to experiment at every lab station and to experience the rotating Destiny Lab twice. I would even go so far as to advocate for taking your kids out of school early to experience this exhibit.

Space helmet & Neil Armstrong's gloves.

My daughter was excited when she was this in the rotating Destiny Lab.
She remembered it in a Scholastic News article and pointed to it with a huge grin in all the photos.

Being goofy and pretending to "float" in space.

Throughout the exhibit the descriptions at each display were very easy to read and the science was explained in such terms that I was able to easily interrupt the concepts to the youngest of my children and she understood.

Maybe one day there will be colonies just like this on Mars!

The best space doll house yet.
A model of the International Space Station (ISS) for kids to explore.
Each module has openings for kids to pretend play.

Bring your own dolls! My kids found three astronaut dolls to play with in the ISS model, but there were other kids who wanted to play too. Save your sanity and bring a doll or action figure, I'm sure Spiderman and Barbie could run the experiments for a while.

I usually say no to these kinds of things,
but $2 is a bargain for a rare experience such as the high wire bicycle.

Tiny House on display outside of the California Science Center entrance.

I could live here! It was fun exploring all the hidden storage compartments and imagining this was our home. The tiny house has enough space to sleep four people!

Now-May 8
California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

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