Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ojai & Fillmore Day Trip: Bees, Farms, Fish, & a Rocket Ship

Fillmore & Ojai Day Trip
Bees, Farms, Fish, & Rocket Ship Park
This fun day trip includes a drive up to Ojai with a three short stops in Fillmore along the way. Total driving time to the final destination is about two hours from downtown L.A.


3176 Honey Lane (Hwy 126), Fillmore, CA 93015
Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm

Signs advertising the store along the highway are tempting. Do not let the long dirt road deter you. Lots of samples await you, and there is an active hive encased in glass that lets you see the bees in action. I recommend honey sticks for the kids and a jar of clover honey to take home. 

Fillmore Farm Stands
Highway 126, Fillmore, CA

A number of family owned farm stands line Highway 126 selling the freshest locally grown produce. One favorite is Francisco's Fruit Stand which also sells plants, nuts, and candy.

612 E. Telegraph Road, Fillmore, CA 93016
Open Every Day, 7am-3pm
See how California raises trout to stock lakes and streams. Mr. MontebelloMom wasn't keen on the idea of visiting a fish farm at first, but quickly changed his mind after he realized how fun it was to feed the fish.
Bring a pocketful of dimes for the fish food pellet vending machine and a cup or small bucket to hold it all.

Click below to see Huell Howser's visit to the Fillmore Farm Stands and & Fish Hatchery:
1301 Soule Park Road, Ojai
Open 7:30am-8pm
Parking $2-4 cash
Relive the good ole' days when you were a kid and the playground equipment was dangerous, high, unsafe, and totally fun! Soule Park in Ojai features vintage play structures from the 60s & 70s with a four-story rocket ship, ringed planet, submarine, & two arched swing sets.

My last visit was in 2012, but I spoke with a Ventura County Park Ranger today and he assured me that the vintage play structures are still standing. He said they were all recently painted and are looking good!

Watch your kids! That slide is very high!

The park features BBQs, bathrooms, shaded picnic areas, and a fenced in dog park. I suggest packing a picnic, folding chairs, a blanket, and enjoying a meal under the shade trees.

Comment below, or email me at, if you took this day trip.
I'd love to hear what you thought about all the stops along the way.

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