Sunday, November 27, 2016

Save $10 on Books from Amazon...surprise your kid with books by Raina Telgemeier

Some of the greatest kids books to come out of this decade are graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier.

These graphic novels read like a comic book and show kids facing realistic problems, learning something about themselves and others, and coming out more mature and understanding of others in the end.

The books are easy reading, and have content that is enjoyable for kids of all ages.
  • My second grader loved the relationship between the sisters in Smile, Sisters, & Ghosts
  • My fifth grader plowed through all of Telgemeier's Baby-Sitters Club books and is now hooked on the old series of chapter books
  • My 8th grade niece loved all the books, but especially the high school situations in Drama
  • My son saw my daughter's excited about reading the books, liked the graphic novel aspect, and found all the books entertaining. He doesn't necessarily think they are "girl's books"
  • I personally enjoyed Smile, Sisters, & Drama the best because the books are autobiographical and mentioned things that I remember from growing up, such as hype among teens when the Little Mermaid movie came out, and experiencing a big earthquake for the first time
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Fill your amazon cart with $25 of Telgemeier's books and you'll come out paying under $17 for 4 books, which is the most discounted price you will be able to find.

Sample page from Smile.
All of Raina Telgemeir's books are similar.

Click here to see a Smile video trailer.

Raina's newest book, Ghosts, with new characters.
This books hits on families moving, a sister with cystic fibrosis, 
& the celebrating the Day of the Dead.

The Baby-Sitters Club. Telgemeier took Ann M. Martin's original books and modernized them in graphic novels. Books can be purchased individually or in this box set.
 A special thanks to Raina Telgemeier's  media department at for providing me with a preview copy of Ghosts to review.

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