Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Observatory Nights: Rio Hondo College

The Gordon D. Crowell Astrophysical Observatory at Rio Hondo College is open for free public observation on selected Friday nights throughout the year.
After a moderate 1/2 mile hike to the observatory, a staff member will explain what is visible in the night sky, and allow visitors to look through a 14" telescope.

Remaining Dates for 2018: 

I took a group of Girl Scouts to one of the observatory nights in 2016. A couple of the Girl Scout moms had to stop and catch their breath while hiking up the road to the observatory as the paved road is quite steep. Overall we had a good time, but a large crowd made for long lines at the telescope.
Note: Near the end of the Rio Hondo college semester the event is usually heavily attended because Astronomy students are given extra credit for attending. If you want to experience this telescope with your family I suggest attending early in the college semester to avoid larger crowds and bringing a flashlight to double check for potholes in the road on the way up.